All modes of transport in one bundle.

With yumuv all forms of urban mobility are easily available to you. yumuv is your key to the whole city.

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  1. yumuv is the key to every vehicle.

    With yumuv you get access to public transport, e-bikes and e-scooters. Plan, book and ride – all in one app.

  2. Have everything, own nothing.

    yumuv makes everyone mobile – even those without their own ride. Decide spontaneously for each trip, how you want to get to your destination.

  3. Command your mobility – at an attractive price.

    yumuv is your unprecedented mobility subscription. It enables you to ride flexibly and cheaply throughout the whole city.

Always under way with the right ride.

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Select a bundle.

yumuv offers various bundle subscriptions. You decide which one best suits your needs. A bundle includes a number of free minutes with different sharing providers. In order to be eligible to buy a bundle you’ll need to be in possession of a valid public transport subscription. Alternatively, with pay-per-muv you can use any ride, any time, without a monthly fee.

Open sesame.

With yumuv on your smartphone you hold the key to mobility in your hand. The app lets you reserve and unlock shared rides in no time at all and to conjure up public transport tickets like magic.

Destination reached.

Completing the trip is piece of cake: When you're done, you get an overview of your trip. You always have access to your current balance quickly and easily in the app.

App-jumping has finally come to an end! Why didn't yumuv exist before?!

Karin van Banken, Zurich, yumuv test customer 


Flexible connections, fair prices and direct payment in the app make it so much easier to get around the city.

Jan Brönnimann, Zurich Altstetten, yumuv test customer

yumuv also shows me routes with different types of rides. The fastest connection is not always the best choice for me.

Bruno Schmid, Oerlikon, yumuv test customer

Now we just need to make sure that everyone uses yumuv or their own bikes. Then the only cars left in the city are the ones that really have to be there.

Philippe Gerber, Zurich, yumuv test customer