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What is yumuv?

yumuv is your key to getting around your city. Besides showing availability and riding with different sharing providers, yumuv offers you completely new mobility bundles. Each bundle offers a certain amount of minutes for sharing providers that can be used across all providers which makes them so unique! In order to buy a bundle one must hold a valid public transport pass. Alternatively, yumuv can also be used in pay-as-yumuv mode without paying a monthly fee.

How can I get around with yumuv?

Besides public transport, e-scooters of TIER and VOI as well as e-bikes of BOND are currently integrated. We’re working hard on adding further mobility providers in the near future.

Where can I already use yumuv?

We will start with yumuv bundles in Zurich in mid-August. Basel and Berne will follow shortly after.

How old do I have to be to use yumuv?

Do you own a credit card? If you do, your chances are already great. Specific requirement regarding age and terms of usage are issued by each mobility provider.

Are there yumuv subscription models for business customers?

Not at the moment, but we’d love to see all your employees riding with yumuv. If you’re interested, please drop us a line at

I want to get started

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How do I get the app?

yumuv is freely available from the Apple App Store and from the Google Play Store.

How do I create a yumuv account?

Register in the app under the menu item "Account" > "Log in or create account".

How do I get moving?

Select your preferred ride on the home screen and find the nearest vehicle on the map. You can reserve (if offered) a ride and unlock it with the yumuv app.

Can I log in using existing accounts from the integrated mobility service providers (SwissPass, VBZ, öV+, BOND, TIER, VOI etc.)?

No, this is currently not possible.

How do I get my identity card / drivers licence verified?

You can verify both under your profile in the app.

How do I reset my password?

This is very easy – just click the button “reset my password” shown on the login screen.


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Which yumuv bundles are available?

You can either choose one of our yumuv bundles (monthly fee including free travel time) or you ride in pay-as-yumuv mode (without a fixed monthly fee). More information on bundles for the cities of Zurich, Basek and Berne can be found here.

Which requirements do I have to fulfil in order to buy a yumuv bundle?

Public Transport is a fix component of the yumuv bundles. Therefore, it is necessary to be in possession of a valid PT pass when you buy the bundle. Either you buy one now or you already have one (accepted PT Passes are ZVV Zone 110 or GA).

How do I book a yumuv bundle?

In the app under "yumuv bundle" you can easily select, book and pay for a yumuv bundle.

Which public transport subscription do I need for yumuv?

A public transport subscription is an essential part of the yumuv bundles. If you don't already have a ZVV Pass Zone 110 or a GA, you will need to buy one as part of your bundle. In Zurich, either a ZVV Pass Zone 110 or a GA is required. Please note that the Halbtax does not count as a Public Transport Pass.

I’ve used up all my bundle minutes. Can I keep on riding?

Absolutely! After you've used up all the minutes, you automatically switch to pay-as-yumuv mode until your subscription is renewed again. That way, you continue to benefit from all transport modes combined in one app.

Is there a minimum period for a yumuv bundle?

Yes, the minimum bundle period is one month. It will be renewed automatically for a further month if the subscription has not been cancelled in the app before (at least one hour before the subscription ends). If you cancel your bundle, your account stays valid and you can continue to ride in pay-as-yumuv mode.

If I want to cancel my bundle, how much notice do I have to give?

yumuv bundles are always valid for one month and will be automatically renewed if you don’t cancel at least one hour before the subscription ends. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can continue using yumuv in pay-as-yumuv mode.

How do I cancel a yumuv bundle?

Directly in the app under the menu item "yumuv bundle".

Book & Ride

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How can I view my completed ride?

Your trip history is avaliable in your profile under the menu item "my rides".

How can I end a ride and what happens afterwards?

As soon as you parked and looked a vehicle, you can also end the ride in the yumuv app. Used minutes or Swiss Francs will be charged onto your account. You will immediately receive an invoice or receipt by email for each ride.

How can I cancel a ride?

This depends on the individual mobility service provider. Reservations will be possible to cancel in the app. If you have already unlocked the vehicle, the ride must be terminated as usual.

Do I see the rides directly booked in the app of a mobility service provider in my yumuv account and vice versa?

No, these are separate accounts.

How can I get a refund for a public transport ticket?

In case you like to refund your public transport ticket, please contact Refunding at a local desk of SBB, VBZ, BVB or Bernmobil is not possible. 


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Which payment methods are accepted in the yumuv app?

With a valid credit card you are ready to muv.

Do I have to provide my payment details every time I use yumuv?

No, after your initial registration, your payment details stay securely encrypted in the app.

Do I get a receipt for my trip?

You will receive receipts for all payments. You will also receive confirmations of each trip you take and you can always view them in the app under "My trips".

Customer service

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I do have issues with a vehicle. Who do I contact?

In case of problems with a vehicle, specific provider of the vehicle is at your service. The contact you can find in the app at selection of the vehicle for booking.

Who can I contact about questions, comments or feedback?

Our customer service is available via

Who do I contact in case of questions regarding the research project?

For all issues regarding the research project, please contact

Data protection

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Which personal data does yumuv collect and what it is used for?

You can find this and further information, simply explained, in our privacy policy.

Is my data accessible to the mobility service provider companies?

Generally speaking, no. Only the data that’s absolutely necessary to make a booking is passed on. Full details can be found in our privacy policy.

How can I delete my yumuv account?

This is done easily via your profile. By deleting, all personal and financial data will be erased.

For Research Participants

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How do I become a research participant?

Unfortunately, the application window for registration as a research participant is over. You can download the yumuv app from Apple or Playstore and start using yumuv as a normal customer.

Which of the yumuv bundles do I need as a research participant?

You can decide for yourself according to your needs whether you want to buy the yumuv easy or the yumuv premium bundle.

How long do I have to subscribe to the bundle?

The minimum duration of the subscriptions is 30 days.

What happens after I used up the bundle minutes?

When your bundle minutes are used up, you simply continue in pay-as-yumuv mode and the rides are charged individually to your credit card.

When can I unsubscribe from the yumuv bundle?

Once you have purchased the yumuv bundle in the app, you can already unsubscribe, so the subscription will not renew automatically after 30 days.

Do I need to continue the tracking with MyWay after I unsubscribed from the bundle?

Yes. After expiration of the yumuv bundle you have to let MyWay track you for another month so you can benefit from the voucher at the end of the research period.

What happens to the bundle minutes I haven’t used up?

The bundle minutes will expire if they are not being used up during the 30 days.

The tracking with the MyWay app doesn’t seem to work (anymore). Who can I contact? 

In order for us to be able to support you in the best and fastest way possible, please contact the MyWay support team directly. You can find them in the MyWay app in the menu under Support.

I'm going abroad, should I keep on tracking?

You can also use the MyWay App for tracking abroad, but of course you don't have to. Just make sure that you reset your permissions when you return to Switzerland and that you have Internet access again. The yumuv bundle minutes can only be used in Zurich.

I would like to give feedback on the app or the yumuv bundles, how do I proceed?

Drop us a line to or leave your feedback directly in the app via the feedback function in the menu. We are happy about your inputs!

What personal data is collected and what is it used for?

You will find this and further information simply explained in our privacy policy.

Who can I contact with questions regarding the research?

For all issues regarding the research project, please contact