yumuv makes it easy for you to travel, even if you don’t own your ride. At the moment we are developing different kind of bundles and try to find out which bundle best suits your needs. Payment will be quick, easy and secure via the app.


The yumuv bundles are now avaliable in Zurich. Basel and Berne will follow shortly after.

pay as yumuv

  • VOI, TIER, BOND and single public transport tickets
  • pay as much as you ride
  • no monthly fixed costs

yumuv easy

  • VOI, TIER and BOND
  • 60 minutes of flexible usage
  • no unlocking fees

yumuv premium

  • VOI, TIER and BOND
  • 400 minutes of flexible usage
  • no unlocking fees

yumuv Berne

  • regional transport network subscription
  • 60 minutes E-Trottinette
  • 45 minutes E-Bike

Pay per Muv

  • at your destination, simply complete the journey and payment happens automatically
  • no monthly fixed costs