We are yumuv

When a bunch of mobility enthusiasts from SBB, VBZ, BERNMOBIL and BVB started to daydream about combining all the possibilities of urban mobility, it soon became clear that we needed to search for new solutions together. And so, yumuv was born.

The idea was simple – make it even easier for people to get about in the city by giving them all inclusive subscriptions – just like with your phone. Pay monthly, use flexibly on anything that will get you from A to B: public transport, shared e-bikes, shared e-scooters, taxis und much, much more.

Finally, yumuv is here and during the period of one year, we’re keen to find out if you love yumuv as much as we do. Please let us know what you think and drop us a line!

Rahel, SBB
Fanny, VBZ
Wolfgang, SBB
André, BVB
Sebastian, SBB
Isabel, SBB
Michael, Bernmobil

Our mobility service providers