Riding in the name of science

Also on board with yumuv: the ETH Zurich. When an innovative pilot project is about to be launched, of course everyone’s excited, but does the idea have potential or have we just invested our hearts and souls (and so much time) in a flop? Numbers don't lie, so we’ll make use of them. Our pilot project will be accompanied by a research project in which the bright minds of ETH Zurich will analyse the mobility data (anonymously of course). Based on real-time feedback, we can optimise everything – especially for you.

Your contribution

By giving us insight into your mobility behaviour, we can make sure we’re giving you exactly what you. Support yumuv now as an active part of the research project by:

  • downloadind the free app MyWay and activate the tracking
  • taking part in our regular surveys

Your bonus

Everyone who takes part in the research project shapes the future of mobility in Switzerland. Put yumuv through its paces and help our innovative project to get up and running. As well as offering you insights into how you (and others) get around we can also offer you the following:

  • vouchers
  • exciting insights into our mobility behaviour


Unfortunately, the application window for registration as a research participant is over. You can still download the yumuv app from Apple or Playstore and start using yumuv today.